2.5 years back in ETH / BTC, sudden break in Bitstamp

sudden break in Bitstamp

While Ether continued to depreciate against Bitcoin, the ETH / BTC rate fell to unprecedented levels since March 2017. On the other hand, Ether, who suffered a sudden break in Bitstamp yesterday, fell 30 percent.


Ethereum has recently lost its value vis-à-vis Bitcoin. The second largest crypto currency dropped to 0.0205 BTC today. This level was last seen on 13 March 2017. The Ethereum was bought and sold between $ 23 and $ 30 that day.

Sudden break in Bitstamp

On the other hand, the price of Ether, the Crypto currency exchange Bitstamp’te lost value close to 30 percent in a few minutes.

TSI 12.45’te Ether, from $ 265 to $ 191 experienced a sharp decline. After this sudden break, the amount of crypto money recovered is currently trading at $ 226.

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