According to Bloomberg, promising crypto coins for the future


In an article in Bloomberg, the winners and losers of the crypto coins were selected. It was also noted that several crypto currencies were constantly showing strong price movements.

Bloomberg chose the winners and losers of the crypto coins. Unsurprisingly, Bitcoin appeared on the winning side.

The article in Bloomberg states that Bitcoin, EOS and Binance Coin are the only major crypto currencies that show consistently strong price movements. In the crypto currency field, Bitcoin is saying, but EOS and BNB are the only two crypto currencies that have managed to reach a new peak since December 2017. In addition, BNB is the best performing crypto money of 2019 so far.

In addition to EOS and Binance Coin, it was noted that Basic Attention Token also performed strongly in good and bad times. Basic Attention Token increased as the Brave browser expanded its user base.

It also noted that the crypto coins launched after the summit were the most exciting place to look for new investments. Bitcoin SV, Tezos, Ontology, MakerDAO and Chain are mentioned here.

Big disappointments

On the other hand, XRP and XLM were the biggest losers of this year. Both crypto currencies failed to maintain market capitalization in terms of BTC during the grand rally of 2019. Although these pledges made many promises to improve cross-border payments, their earnings were overshadowed by the 10 largest crypto currencies. Monero, IOTA and NEO were also featured here.

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