Analyst: Facebook’s crypto money may never be released

Facebook, Libra

Speaking to Bloomberg, research analyst Ryan Todd said that Facebook’s Libra may not be released, citing regulators.

According to BloombergHT’nin, Bloomberg, speaking to the research analyst Ryan Todd The Block, Facebook’s crypto money Libra’nın claimed that never released.

“The whole project is based on the assumption that regulators will give the green light both in the US and globally, Tod Todd said.

Todd pointed out that the reactions were worrying even in the last two days. Devam The President of the Bank of England came out and said that if Libra is widely accepted, it should be regulated to the highest possible standards. Tod

Todd said that Fed President Jerome Powell expressed the same opinion, and even presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren “data and privacy and dark clouds around Facebook,” he stressed that statements.

Emez There is absolutely no way to say that it is not possible for Libra to be released, at least right now, Tod Todd said.

With Libra, Facebook drew lightning from policymakers around the world. On the day Libra was announced, the French Finance Minister said, lamaz No, it should not be, and it is not possible to have an independent currency., The central bank executives of the G7 countries also called on the crypto currency to be examined.

Markus Ferber, a German member of the European Parliament, also argued that Facebook could be a “shadow bank ve and said regulatory authorities should be vigilant.

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