Bittrex block 32 crypto currencies for US

Crypto currency exchange Bittrex said that 32 different crypto currencies will be closed to US customers from June 21 onwards.

Bittrex, the crypto exchange, announced that the US will not be able to access many markets as of June 21.

Crypto currency options that US crypto currency enthusiasts can buy on the stock exchanges are decreasing day by day. Last May, Poloniex, a US-based crypto currency exchange, reported that 9 different crypto currencies would close the US trade. In a statement from the stock exchange, these crypto currencies were recorded as ARDR, BCN, DCR, GAME, GAS, LSK, NXT, OMNI and REP. Bittrex now has a statement in the same direction.

Itt As of June 21, US customers will no longer be able to reach certain markets, B Bittrex said in a statement today.

Among the 32 different crypto currencies that the Americans can buy and sell on Bittrex are QTUM, BLOCK, DNT, HYDRO, STORJ, STORM and BCPT.

The whole list is like this:

This will not affect users outside the United States.

Poloniex said he had taken the same step for legal uncertainty in the US market. Bittrex made the same emphasis.

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