Facebook’s crypto money announced this month

Facebook Crypto Money

Facebook will officially announce its crypto money later this month. The company is also said to provide employees with the opportunity to receive payment with this crypto money.

The social media giant Facebook will officially announce its crypto-money project this month, CNBC quoted The Information as saying. In addition, the company will allow employees working in the project to receive their salaries with this crypto.

The report, Facebook to be completely centralized to prevent the control of crypto money to third parties reportedly plans to transfer. It was said that these third parties were told to pay $ 10 million to take the role of node to validate transactions on Facebook’s crypto currency network.

What’s more, the crypto currency, which is said to be fixed-price and will be integrated into applications such as Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram as a payment tool, will be accessible by physical ATM-like machines according to the news.

Facebook’s crypto currency is expected to contribute greatly to the overall ecosystem. Experts, the social media giant with a user base of billions of crypto money market will bring many new investors, he says.

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