Police raid Bitcoin miners with illegal electricity in “Turkey Meric” Video

illegal bitcoin miners

Bitcoin mining was carried out using illegal electricity in a village of “Meric” district of “Edirne”.

A search was made in a house that produced Bitcoin using illegal electricity in Kavaklı Village of Meriç district of Edirne. As a result, the devices used to produce Bitcoin were seized and the host A.Ö. about using illegal electricity.

Notice on the movement of the Kesan Police Department teams, the outside of the transformer cable was taken illegally into the house, Bitcoin mining devices were operated with the power determined here. In addition, O.B., who is a relative of A.Ö. was established by the person and this person was found in the district of Bursa Bandirma. O. B. in accordance with the Anti-Smuggling Law No. 5607 was launched.

Bitcoin mining electrical leakage in Turkey, in December 2017, also it was on the agenda. At that time, the citizens of the Southeastern Anatolia Region Dicle Electricity Distribution Corporation (DEDAŞ), Bitcoin mining with illegal electricity was reported to be made.

On the other hand, there have been many reports of recent illegal Bitcoin mining from around the world, including Germany, Taiwan and China.

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