Rising position from the stockbroker who knows the decline in mid-May


CNBC analyst predicted that Bitcoin, which was over $ 8000 in mid-May, would withdraw to $ 6,000, opened an upward position.

In mid-May, Bitcoin watched over $ 8,000, while withdrawing into the $ 6400-6800 range and justifying its prediction, stockbroker Anthony Grisanti expects an increase in crypto currency after the recent decline.

CNBC’s financial commentator, the channel’s Futures Now program’s official Twitter account, according to the process, predicts an exit towards the 9100’e.

Grisanti’s position targets 9100 with 7800 entries and 7100 stop-loss levels.

Bitcoin, TSI 20.15’te Bitstamp on the crypto money exchange is sold and sold at $ 7750. The investor’s position, which appears to be in some loss for now, is eagerly awaited as to whether the position will reach the target.

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