Telegram’s crypto Moneys are going on sale to the public for the first time

Telegram TON

Messaging giant Telegram’s crypto money Gram will be available for the first time on July 10 at a public exchange.

According to the news in Tech Crunch, Telegram’s crypto money Gram will be available on July 10 on the crypto currency exchange Liquid. The sale will not be available from the US, China and Japan.

Liquid, which recently claims to fund $ 1 billion, does not make this sale directly in an agreement with Telegram. Instead, the stock exchange sells an undisclosed number of tokens in the hands of Gram Asia, a South Korean-based organization that is claimed to be the largest Gram owner in Asia. For now, neither side explains how much will be available and what the price will be.

Mike Kayamori, CEO of Liquid, told Tech Crunch that this sale is part of Telegram’s Blockchain platform TON’s (Telegram Open Networ) plan. Kayamori stated that TON will be launched completely in October and this partial sale from Gram Asia is part of the overall strategy.

The reasons for the sale may be that Gram Asia wants to benefit from its full launch expectation, or worse, the group aims to release the tokens to the market before the product is released.

Kayamori, on the other hand, says this is not the case. ’There is always a public sale planned in the window between the launch of the test network and the complete launch of the product. They wanted to see how things went on a regulated stock exchange before the product was fully released in October. ”

Sales can not be established with participation from over 50 countries and include no Turkey. Verification of identity is required to participate in the sales session on 10 July. Participants will be able to buy GRAM in USDC or USD. Sold tokens will not be transferred, traded or withdrawn until Telegram’s Blockchain platform TON is fully published. Despite these restrictions, Kayamori believes that there will be serious demand.

For the Blockchain project last year, Telegram sold two special tokens that were open only to accredited investors. The company collected a total of $ 1.7 billion during these two sales and set a record.

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