Top 10 Crypto-Money according to Weiss Ratings’ current list

Bitcoin took the lead in the Crypto-Money ranking recently updated by rating company Weiss Ratings. Which crypto coins follow Bitcoin?

Rating company Weiss Ratings’ Crypto-Money ranking was recently updated.

The company enumerates crypto coins based on four different models: technology, adoption, risk and reward.

Accordingly, the top 10 Crypto-Money’s in the overall assessment are as follows:

Bitcoin: The first decentralized Crypto-Money, the most trusted and most adopted Crypto-Money. It is seen by some as a value store.

Ethereum: The first Blockchain development platform offers lower processing costs and speeds than Bitcoin.

Ripple: 3-second transaction, fees less than 1 cent, partnership with more than 100 banks for worldwide money transfers.

EOS: Turing complete Blockchain development platform, fast and cost-effective.

Litecoin: Faster and cheaper transactions than Bitcoin.

Binance Coin: Binance’s own Crypto-Money.

Cardano: Scalable Blockchain development network, every update is reviewed by a team of global scientists.

IOTA: A decentralized platform that focuses on transactions between devices connected to the Internet. It’s based on the Tangle, not Blockchain. From Porsche to Bosch, we have collaborations with important companies.

TRON: Blockchain based entertainment content sharing platform.

Monero: Privacy-oriented Crypto-Money that allows users to send and use money anonymously.

Crypto-Money Top10

Founded in 1971, Weiss Ratings has been providing financial rating data to more than 53,000 financial institutions since its inception. Since last year, the company has also been publishing Crypto-Money ratings under the Weiss Crypto Ratings section.

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