TOREX REVIEW: The World’s First Clobal Crypto Currency Trading Platform


Torex is currently a multifunctional blockchain platform that combines 7 crypto currency exchanges, plans to list 15 of them and allows hundreds of coins and tokens.

There is still a dark forest. And crypto currency traders need a user-friendly, reliable platform for quick and easy trading.

There are many coins, tokens or stock markets on the market. They all have their own regulations and policies, but they do not have sufficient flexibility and connected use.

Today there are very few platforms that are user-friendly and contain technical information for crypto currency investors. The cost of coins and tokens varies from one stock exchange to another. To keep track of frequent price fluctuations, crypto traders need to open accounts on several exchanges. In order to find the best prices, it is mandatory to constantly check manually. This method is both tedious and time consuming. But now there is a solution.

The high volatility in the crypto currency world may sound exciting but it is never predictable. The most difficult for a crypto money trader is to make the right decision. Users feel safer on platforms that give them more choices in an ecosystem. TOREX finds solutions to the problems faced by crypto currency traders.

Torex is currently a multifunctional blockchain platform that combines 7 crypto currency exchanges, plans to list 15 of them and allows hundreds of coins and tokens.

A range of analytical tools for easily applicable operations will also be available through a mobile application. The system also has an instant message management via the Telegram boat. This bot will also use an analytical tool that tracks changes in multiple exchanges at the same time.

The functionality of the system goes beyond simplifying operations. The Torex platform also gives its users the opportunity to share their trading ideas. A reliable crypto medium with shared ideas would be an invaluable advantage. As a quotation says bir A rising tide removes all ships olursa If there is a secure, fast and effective sharing channel, trading strategies can turn into a “rising tide”. The Torex platform allows users to ask questions and share ideas with experienced system personnel. This information flow and strategies turn into a stimulus that provides training for all users.

Torex also offers its users the opportunity to make a range of business transactions, including setting up stop loss, making a profit, and sending follow-up stop orders. Users can place stop loss and profit taking orders at the same time on the platform. All of these options save users time and energy. When time and energy remain, the gain is achieved.

Perhaps the most impressive feature is the enhanced mobile version of Torex. This will allow users to make convenient and easy transactions with smartphones from anywhere and at any time. The user experience will be a high priority when creating the Torex developers mobile app. The availability of a mobile application ensures that people do not lag behind the crypto-market even when there is no fixed screen and on the road.

Torex has a price controller as well as a price controller. The user can set an alarm to sound when a coin or token arrives at a certain price. Torex will then send you a notification via Telegram Bot about the dynamics of a particular coin.

For some traders who are trading crypto currency, it is a common goal to get the full advantage by finding an Arbitrage window (the period of time when the ratio of a given crypto currency is different from one another). Torex Arbitrage Assistant helps investors find arbitrage opportunities. The decision to use the opportunity depends on the investors.

Torex‘s Arbitrage Tool analyzes the liquidity and depth of order books in many crypto currencies. Arbitrage algorithms will be implemented in a special module for clearing operations at a later date.

On the other hand, the system also has a manual Arbitrage Vehicle feature. In manual mode, the assistant performs search and display functions in arbitrage windows in stock exchanges. It does this by providing reliable access with its own APIs. Optionally, a trader may select a number of parameters to narrow the resulting selection, for example:

  •  Exchanges with open arbitrage window
  • Currency pairs to be analyzed
  •  Minimum transaction volume
  •  Minimum percentage of expected profit

Combining trading strategies can be very effective. With Torex, traders will soon be able to choose API trading, copy trading, arbitrage trading, crypto bets and more.

The Torex platform offers a everything in one thing a and offers opportunities to crypto traders from all over the world. These include:

  • Crypto Trading
  • Arbitration Tool
  • HODL Tool
  • Price Checker
  • Price notification
  • Telegram Boat
  • User exchange of ideas – to be implemented in the first quarter of 2020
  • Copy Trade – to be implemented in the second quarter of 2020
  • Crypto Betting – Year 2020.

Torex is the world’s first universal crypto currency trading platform. In the future, additional tools will be developed for traders to keep up with market demand. The mobile application is scheduled to be operational in the fourth quarter of 2020. Transactions will be made simpler and more flawless for all crypto currency traders.

While not everyone is focused on competitiveness but on cooperation, people can strive to develop their core strengths and capabilities and to keep the business world different and dynamic. A person does not need to claim rights for the place, which is often seen as the top spot. It is up to us to work together to make the system better for all stakeholders.

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