What did they say about Bitcoin after $ 10,000? 3 experts, 3 comments

Bitcoin Libra

What is the driving force that makes the number one crypto currency Bitcoin exceed $ 10,000? 3 experts who answered this question, drew attention to Libra.

Bitcoin surpassed another milestone today, exceeding $ 10,000 for the first time since March 2018. Rising up to $ 10,915 crypto currency, TSI as of 09.25 is traded at $ 10,725.

What did the experts say after the big rise of Bitcoin?

David Martin, investment manager for Blockforce Capital, the asset manager who spoke to Forbes, said, bu This rally we can witness can be largely attributed to Facebook, which publishes details of the long-awaited Libra crypto currency. When Facebook published a white paper of crypto money on Tuesday, the major channels communicated it and spread. Since then, the Libra has dominated the news cycle in the traditional financial world and has received a quick response from major governments and business leaders. Thus, Bitcoin entered mainstream news debates. We believe it is highly likely that new entrants will create a correlation between the Libra project and Bitcoin. ”

He further stressed that the growing public interest in general was the driving force behind the rising price of Bitcoin.

Chris Keshian, a crypto money investor and former freelance fund manager, also mentioned Libra:

“Facebook’s Libra legitimized crypto currencies for many investors and increased interest in this class of assets.”

Marouane Garcon, general manager of the crypto currency derivative platform Amulet, also drew attention to Libra. Garcon said that Bitcoin is taking advantage of the enthusiasm created by Libra and will continue to do so, and that people are now acting with the expectation that Libra will be released. Garcon also cited recent positive media coverage of digital money as a factor.

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